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R & M Gerber Books offers more than 10,000 collectible books for sale, the majority published between 1900 and the present. We work with private collectors, other book dealers, and libraries on book searches, exhibitions, and consignments. We also purchase books from individuals and estates. For additional information, contact by phone:  914-552-9362

Richard has been in the book business for more than a decade.  He has been collecting books by and about James Joyce since the 1960s and has been a contributor to the James Joyce Quarterly for over thirty-five years.  Following a thirty-year career as a senior administrator at several New York-area universities and a hospital, he currently advises libraries, book dealers, and private collectors on collection development. Significant items from his personal collection are now represented at the Morgan Library and Museum, Columbia University, Boston College, and the University of Notre Dame, among other institutions. Richard has lectured about Joyce and collecting at conferences in London, Dublin, New York, Miami,  and elsewhere.  Margaret (Margy), a graduate of Trinity College (DC), the University of Virginia, and Johns Hopkins University, has focused on collecting books by and about American Indians, on linguistics, and on modern poetry (James Merrill, especially.)  She has written and published on the language encounter between Europeans and indigenous peoples, 15th-early 19th centuries.