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Titles below are available from R & M Gerber Books and are also listed on Alibris (http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com).  Titles published after 1970 are also listed on Amazon. 



Between the Acts.  London:  Hogarth, 1941.  One of 6,358.  Kirkpatrick A26.  Lacks dust wrapper.  Spine sunned with small stain and mild edge wear.  Tight, clean.  Spine gilt bright.  Mylar protected.  (Item ID:  4023; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $120.00  

The Captain’s Death Bed and Other Essays.  London:  The Hogarth Press, May 1950.  Kirkpatrick A30b.  First English Edition.  One of 10,000.  Near fine volume with stain to fore edge of pages.  In near fine dust wrapper with slight sunning to spine, slight tear to top edge.  In Mylar. (Item ID:  4008; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $350.00

The Common Reader.  Published by Leonard & Virginia Woolf at The Hogarth Press, 52 Tavistock Square, London, 1925.  First Edition, First Impression, First Issue Binding.  One of 1,000.  Kirkpatrick A8a. Lacks dust wrapper.  Bookplate to front pastedown.  End papers stained.  Tips worn, covers a bit soiled.  Very good.  (Item ID:  4014; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $450.00

The Common Reader.  Second Series.  Published by Leonard & Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press, 52 Tavistock Square, London, W.C., 1932.  Kirkpatrick A18a.  First Edition.  One of 3,200.  Near fine volume.  Dust jacket tanned, rear detached, chips to sunned spine ends and tips.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  4015;http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $250.00

The Death of the Moth.  New York:  Harcourt, 1942.  Kirkpatrick A27.  One of 3,475 copies.  Near fine volume with owner’s embossing to ffep.  Near fine dust wrapper, in Mylar; edges and spine sunned.  (ID: 8282; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $180.00  

The Common Reader: First and Second Series in One Volume. NY: Harcourt. June 1948. Second Impression of Composite Edition (One of 2,500) Kirkpatrick A18e AA1. Near Fine in Near Fine dust jacket with sunning to edges and spine.  (Item ID:  4041; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $100  

The Death of the Moth. NY: Harcourt 1942.  First American Edition (One of 3,475).  Kirkpatrick A27.  Near Fine in Near Fine Mylar-protected dust jacket.  Endpaper edges tanned.  Dust jacket creased horizontally and vertically at spine.  (Item ID:  4039; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)   $110  

The Death of the Moth.  New York:  Harcourt, 1942.  Stated First American.  Near fine, lacking dust wrapper.  (ID:  3128; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00

The Diary of Virginia Woolf.  5 volumes.  Anne Olivier Bell, Editor.  London:  Hogarth, 1977-84.  One of 1,000.  As new in similar dust wrappers.  (Item ID:  4029)  $250.00SOLD

The Diary of Virginia Woolf.  Volume IV.  1931-1935. Anne Olivier Bell, editor, assisted by Andrew McNeillie. London:  The Hogarth Press, 1982.  As new hard cover in as new dust jacket.  (Item ID:  4003;  TEMPORARILY UNAVILABLE

[Diary]  A Moment's Liberty:  The Shorter Diary.  Virginia Woolf.  Anne Olivier Bell, Editor.  Toronoto:  Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1990.  First Canadian Edition.  As new in as new dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4060; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $36.00 

[Diary]  The Diary of Virginia Woolf.  Volumes 1-5.  Anne Olivier Bell, Editor.  Near fine in near fine dust wrappers.  Volume 4 is ex libris.  New York:  Harcourt, 1977-1984.  (Item ID:  4063)   $125.00   SOLD

[Essays]. The Essays of Virginia Woolf.  Vol. 1. (ID: 160). SOLD Alibris 10 26 21 

[Essays]  The Essays of Virginia Woolf.  Volumes 1-3.  Andrew McNeillie, Editor.  New York:  Harcourt, 1986.  Near fine in near fine dust wrappers.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  4066; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $150.00  

[Essays]. The Essays of Virginia Woolf.  Volume 3:  1919 to 1924. ID: 1117-112.  $50.00 (Fitzpatrick A3a) $50.00 SOLD Alibris 7 27 21

Flush:  A Biography.  London:  Hogarth, 1933.  One of 12,680.  Kirkpatrick A 19.  Large Paper Edition.  A tight volume showing foxing mostly to front edge, but some page edges, with some chips to front spine top and jacket tips.  (Item ID:  4022; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $130.00  

Flush: A Biography.  NY: Harcourt 1933.First American Edition (One of 1,750) Kirkpatrick A19b.  Near Fine volume but for paperclip rust to top of ffep and fly leaf.  Mylar-protected dust jacket shows edgewear, and tear to crumpled rear upper flap corner.  (Item ID:  4044; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)   $75.00  

Granite & Rainbow.  NY: Harcourt 1958.  First American Edition (1/4,100) Kirkpatrick A34b.  Name/date to ffep, otherwise Fine in Mylar-protected dust jacket with slightly sunned spine and edges.  (Item ID:  4035; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)   $120.00

A Haunted House and Other Stories.  London:  The Hogarth Press, Mecklenburgh Square, London, 1943. (January 1944).  Kirkpatrick A28a.  First Edition.  One of 6,000.  Fine in near fine price-clipped dust wrapper, chipped at spine ends and tips.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  4016; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $300.00

A Haunted House and Other Stories.  NY: Harcourt 1944.  First American Edition (1/4,000) Kirkpatrick A28b.  Endpapers tanned.  Name on ffep.  Mild wear to front cover bottom edge.  Mylar-protected dust jacket is missing most of spine, jacket tips and edges chipped.  (Item ID:  4033)  $50.00  SOLD dealer 4 17 19

Jacob’s Room.  A Novel.  London:  Hogarth, 1954.  Eighth Impression.  Kirkpatrick A6d.  One of 3500.  Uniform Edition.  As new in similar Mylar-protected price-clipped dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4027; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $60.00

Jacob’s Room.  NY: Harcourt 1923.  First American Edition (One of 1,500.) Kirkpatrick A6b.  Lacks dust jacket.  Signature/stamping to ffep and pastedown with small bookshop label at bottom.  Spine ends slightly bumped, spine title label somewhat worn.  (Item ID:  4047; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $120.00

Jacob’s Room.  London: Hogarth May 1935.  Uniform Edition-Second Printing  (1/2,110).  Kirkpatrick A6c.  Lacks dust jacket.  Spine and cover edges faded, as is gilt lettering to spine.  Otherwise tight and clean.  (Item ID:  4046; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $40.00  

[Journals]  A Passionate Apprentice:  The Early Journals. 1897-1909.  Virginia Woolf.  New York:  Harcourt, 1990.  Near fine.  Dust wrapper has slight chips to spine ends, otherwise near fine.  (Item ID:  4068; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00 

[Letters]  Congenial Spirits:  The Letters of Virginia Woolf.  Joanne T. Banks, editor.  London:  Hogarth, 1989.  Fine in dine dust wrapper.  Bookplate to ffep.  (Item ID:  4061; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00

[Letters]  Congenial Spirits:  The Selected Letters of Virginia Woolf.  New York:  Harcourt, 1990.  As new in as new dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4062; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00

[Letters]  The Flight of the Mind. The Letters of Virginia Woolf.  1888-1912.  London:  Hogarth, 1975.  Near fine in near fine dust jacket with faded spine and mild edge wrinkling.  (Item ID:  4059; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $40.00

[Letters]  The Flight of the Mind:  The Letters of Virginia Woolf. 1888-1912., ed. Nigel Nicolson.  London:  Hogarth Press, 1975.  [ISBN:  0701204036] Price clipped, endpapers foxed.  Foxing to top edge, minor tips wear.  Very good plus Mylar protected dust wrapper.  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE; PLEASE CHECK BACK

[Woolf, Virginia] Nicholson, Nigel, Editor.  The Letters of Virginia Woolf.  Six Volumes. London:  The Hogarth Press, 1975-1980.  First Editions, First Impressions. A fine set.  (ID: 621-110-115)  $500.00  Vol. I:  The Flight of the Mind:1888-1912. [ISBN: 0701204036] Near fine with slight offset to ffep; in near fine Mylar-protected dust wrapper. 1975 (ID: 621-110); Vol. II:  The Question of Things Happening: 1912-1922. [ISBN: 0701204206] Fine volume in similar Mylar protected dust wrapper. 1976. (ID: 621-111); Vol. III: A Change of Perspective: 1923-1928. [ISBN: 0701204435] Fine volume; Mylar-protected dust-clipped dust wrapper is very good with foxing inside wrapper. 1977; Vol. IV: A Reflection of the Other Person: 1929-1931.  [ISBN: 0701204486] Fine volume in similar Mylar-protected dust wrapper.  1972; Vol V:  The Sickle Side of the Moon:  1932-1935.  [ISBN: 0701204699] Fine volume with bookplate to front pastedown.  Price-clipped dust wrapper is o/w fine, in Mylar. 1979.  Vol VI:  Leave the Letters Till We’re Dead:  1936-1941.  [ISBN: 0701204702] Fine volume with small price sticker.  Dust wrapper is price-clipped, but o/w fine.  In Mylar.  1980. $500.00[Letters]  The Letters of Virginia Woolf. Volumes 1-6.  Nigel Nicolson and Joanne Trautmann, Editors. New York:  Harcourt, 1975-1980. Near fine in near fine dust wrappers.  In Mylar. Bookplates in Volumes 3, 4, 5. (Item ID:  4064; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $500.00

[Letters]  The Question of Things Happening:  The Letters of Virginia Woolf.  1912-1922.  London:  Hogarth Press, 1976. [ISBN:  9780701204204] Near fine volume in near fine dust wrapper.  Minor edge wear and toning to rear of wrappers.  (ID: 10K59) NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE; PLEASE CHECK BACK 

[Letters] The Sickle side of the Moon.  The Letters of Virginia Woolf.  1932-1935.  Nigel Nicolson, Editor. London:  Hogarth, 1979.  Near fine in near fine dust wrapper with faded spine.  (Item ID:  4058)  $40.00 

The Moment and Other Essays.  London:  The Hogarth Press, December 1947.  Kirkpatrick A29a.  First Edition.  One of 10,000.  Near fine volume in similar dust jacket with slightest of chipping at top edges and slight sunning on edges.  In Mylar,  (Item ID:  4007; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $450.00

The Moment and Other Essays.  London:  Hogarth, 1947.  (Kirkpatrick A29).  One of 10,000.  Very good plus copy with spine ends rubbed, toning to end papers, small label residue to ffep.  Price clipped, tape-repaired wrapper, darkened, chipped, Mylar-protected, o/w good plus.  (ID: 8555; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $45.00

A Moment’s Liberty.  London:  Hogarth, 1990.  Near fine hard cover with minor spots to top edge.  Dust wrapper near fine with slight wrinkling to jacket spine.  (ID:  3126; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00

Monday or Tuesday.  New York: Harcourt 1921. First American Edition  (November 23, 1921)   (One of 1,500) Kirkpatrick A5b.  Near fine unopened volume in black cloth with toned pages.  Mylar-protected dust jacket, bright front cover, sunned spine and rear, professionally mended at spine top fold.  Price clipped.  1” and ½” chips to sunned jacket spine; jacket rear sunned as well.  (Item ID:  4032)  $1,500.00. SOLD Dealer 4 14 22

Mrs. Dalloway.  New York:  Harcourt, 1925 (later printing).  Ex libris.  No dust wrapper, some internal marks. Front cover starting, owner’s emboss.  (ID:  3127) $10.00. SOLD Alibris 2 12 21 

Mrs. Dalloway’s Party:  A Short Story Sequence.  London:  Hogarth, 1973. Stella McNichol, Editor.   Kirkpatrick A 42.  One of 4090.  As new volume in dust wrapper. Slight wear to top tips and ½” tear near spine bottom.  Advance Copy for Review with Hogarth Press notice laid in.  (Item ID:  4025)  $70.00 . SOLD dealer 4 17 19

Night and Day.  New York, Doran 1920    First American.  One of about 1,500 copies.  Kirkpatrick A4b. Near fine with professionally repaired binding.  Small (1”) stain to spine, slightest of edge wear, edges and endpapers sunned.  (Item ID: 4048; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com  $400.00  

On Being Ill.  (ID: 10K252)  $30.00  SOLD Alibris 7 5 17

On Not Knowing Greek. London:  Hesperus Press Limited, 2008.  [ISBN:  9781843916055]  As new stiff paperback.  (ID: 6417; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)   $11.00 

Orlando.  New York:  Crosby Gage, 1928.  Gilt cloth T.E.G.  First Edition, preceding UK Trade Edition. Signed by Woolf in purple ink of verso of half-title page.  Near fine, tight, clean copy showing slight, small label removal residue to front pastedown and offsetting to ffep.  Covers evidence slight glossy appearance, but all gilt lettering and decorative elements bright and clear. Most minimal of spine ends and tips wear.  In all, a lovely, unopened copy in matching custom cloth gilt-labeled slipcase.  (Item 4049*)   $2,500.00  SOLD

Orlando.  London:  Hogarth, 1928.  Kirkpatrick A11b.  First English Edition.  One of 5,080.  Orange cloth and gilt faded on spine, with mild wear to spine ends, otherwise tight and clean. (Item ID:  4020)  $325.00  SOLD  Alibris 11/6/18

The Pargiters. Mitchell Leaska, Editor.  One of 2500.  London:  Hogarth, 1978.  Kirkpatrick A22J.  Third American Edition.  As new in similar Mylar-protected dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4026; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $60.00 

Reviewing:  With a Note by Leonard Woolf.  Hogarth Sixpenny Pamphlets No. 4.  London:  Hogarth Press, 1939.  (Woolmer 463)  One of 5,140.  String-tied wraps, slight fade to edges, small bookshop sticker to inside front cover, signature to rear cover.  Lower rear tip ½” chip o/w very good.  (ID: 8993)  $60.00 SOLD dealer 4 17 19

Roger Fry: A Biography.   NY: Harcourt 1940.   First American Edition (One of 2,500) Kirkpatrick A25b.  Near Fine volume with evenly tanned endpapers.  1” of sunning to cover top.  Mylar-protected dust jacket is chipped at edges and tip, spine a bit darkened.  (Item ID:  4043; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $150.00

A Room of One's Own.  London:  The Hogarth Press, 1929.  1st British (trade) edition, 1st Impression.  One of 3040.Kirkpatrick A12b. Very good plus.  Spine rubbed and a bit darkened, ends bumped, but gilt bright. Offsetting to end papers. Facsimile Vanessa Bell dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4019; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $1,000.00   

Three Guineas.  London:  Hogarth, 1943.  Uniform Edition, New Edition.  Near fine hard cover in very good plus dust wrapper showing chips to spine ends and sunning.  Book shop stamp to front pastedown.  Scarce in jacket.  (Item ID:  9077; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $40.00

To the Lighthouse.  London:  Hogarth, 1927.  1/3,000.  First Edition in FACSIMILE Vanessa Bell dust wrapper. A very good plus copy with gilt lettering.  Slightly soiled covers, spine ends somewhat rubbed, mild foxing to endpapers and textblock bottom, tiny label for British bookshop to rear pastedown.  Otherwise square, tight and unmarked.  In Mylar.  Prior owner's copperplate gothic script note laid in.  (Item ID:  4050)  $1,250.00  SOLD GVABF 2019

Virginia Woolf and Lytton Strachey:  Letters.  London:  The Hogarth Press, Chatto and Windus, November 1956. Edited by Leonard Woolf & James Strachey.  Kirkpatrick A32a.  First Edition.   One of 4,000.  As new in as new dust jacket.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  4006; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $450.00

The Voyage Out.  New York:  Doran, 1920.  Kirkpatrick A16.  Lacks dust wrapper.  Offset stain, stamp, and tanning to end papers.  Tight, clean; covers sharp.  First American Edition of Woolf’s first book.  (Item ID:  4030; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $400.00 

The Voyage Out.  London:  Hogarth, 1933.  Kirkpatrick A1e.  New Edition Reprint.  One of 3,200.  [Reprint of First Edition]  No dust jacket.  Mylar-protected.  FFEP tanned, otherwise tight, clean, bright jade green covers and gilt crisp.  (Item ID:  4024; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $70.00  

The Voyage Out.  New York:  Harcourt, 1920.  Second American.  Very good hard cover,  no dust wrapper.  One of 1,000.  Paper label on spine.  (ID: 10K56; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00

The Waves.  London:  The Hogarth Press, 52 Tavistock Square, 1931.  Kirkpatrick A16a. First Edition.  One of 7,113.  Very good volume with worn covers.  Dust jacket very good plus, chipped at spine ends and tips and moderately water-stained.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  4011; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $1,500.00

The Waves.   NY: Harcourt 1931.  First American Edition (1/10,000) Kirkpatrick A16b.  Water stain to lower  2” of early pages, slight fade to cover spine and rear.  Mylar-protected dust jacket is sunned, with tips and spine ends slightly chipped.  (Item ID:  4034; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $225.00

The Years.  London:  The Hogarth Press, Tavistock Square, March 1937.  Kirkpatrick A22a.  First Edition.   One of 18,142.  Near fine volume, a little darkened at the spine.  Dust jacket is very good plus, split at front hinge.  A bit soiled and chipped at spine ends and tips.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  4017; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $1,000.00  

A Writer's Diary. Being Extracts from the Diary of Virginia WoolfEd. Leonard WoolfSOLD Alibris 8 23 23  

The Years.  London:  The Hogarth Press, 1937.  A very good volume with bright gilt lettering. Spine edges lightly rubbed, endpapers foxed, but tight and unmarked.  No dust wrapper.  One of 18,142 of this first edition.  (Item ID: 4000; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $250.00

Woolf/Woolf-Related Biographies, Criticism, and Bibliographies/Hogarth Press

Alsop, Susan Mary.  Lady Sackville: A Biography.  Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1978.  Near fine in spine faded dust jacket. (Item ID:  4073; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00

Annan, Noel.  Leslie Stephens:  The Godless Victorian.  New York:  Random House, 1984.  Near fine hard cover in dust wrapper with very minimal edge wear.  (Item ID:  4119; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00 

Apter, T. E.  Virginia Woolf:  A Study of Her Novels New York:  New York University Press, 1979.  Hard cover with small owner’s label on ffep, otherwise fine; fine dust wrapper.  (ID:  3129; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00 

Bell, Clive.  Civilization.  London:  Chatto & Windus, 1932.  Lacks dust wrapper.  Gilt spine, slight cover stains and water mark to first few pages, otherwise very good.  (Item ID:  4056; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $ 24.00  

Bell, Quentin. Virginia Woolf: A Biography. London: Hogarth, 1972. Near fine in laminated dust jacket with mild edge wear.  (Item ID:  4092; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00

[Bell, Vanessa]  Selected Letters of Vanessa Bell.  Regina Marler, Editor.  New York:  Pantheon, 1993.  Near fine in near fine dust wrapper.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  4067; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com] $35.00

Bell, Virginia. Lia Giachero, Editor.  Sketches in Pen and Ink:  A Bloomsbury Notebook.  London:  Hogarth, 1997.  New.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  4057) $40.00  SOLD

Bell, Vanessa.  Notes on Virginia's Childhood:  A Memoir.  See Bell, Vanessa, above.

Blackstone, Bernard.  Virginia Woolf:  A Commentary.  New York:  Harcourt, 1949.  Covers sunned, but otherwise near fine. Dust wrapper has 3" split to spine edge and end chips, good plus.  In Mylar. (Item ID: 4094; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $12.00

Blackstone, Bernard.  Virginia Woolf.  London: Longmans 1952. Writers and their Work #33.  Near fine in wraps with slight fade to cover along spine, bookplate inside front cover.  (ID:  714; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $5.00 

Boyd, Elizabeth French.  Bloomsbury Heritage: Their Mothers and Their Aunts. New York: Taplinger, 1976.  Near fine in Dust Jacket.  (Item ID:  4050; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00 

Bond, Alma Halbert.  Who Killed Virginia Woolf?:  A Psychobiography.  New York:  Plenum, 1989.  Near fine hard cover.  Dust wrapper has 1/2" closed tear at spine top, otherwise near fine.  (Item ID:  4093; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)   $15.00  

Brown, Jane. Vita’s Other World: A Gardening Biography of Vita Sackville-West.  NY: Viking 1985.  Signature to ffep. Price-clipped, o/w near fine. (Item ID:  4091; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25,00 

Coates, Irene.  Who's Afraid of Leonard Woolf?:  A Case for the Sanity of Virginia Woolf.  New York:  Somo, 1998.  A few marks and a signature to ffep.  Fine dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4120; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00 

Daiches, David.  Virginia Woolf.  Nortolk, CT:  New Directions, 1942.  Stamp to ffep, but otherwise very good plus.  Good plus dust wrapper has sunning to spine and edge chips. Publisher's flyer laid in.  (Item ID:  4099; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00 

Dally, Peter.  The Marriage of Heaven and Hell:  Manic Depression in the Life of Virginia Woolf.  New York: St. Martin's, 1999.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4106; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00 

De-La-Noy, Michael. Eddy: The Life of Edward Sackville-West.  London: Bodley Head 1988.Near fine in dust jacket.  (Item ID:  4089; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $20.00 

De Salvo, Louise.  Virginia Woolf:  The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Her Life and Work.  Boston: Beacon, 1989.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4097)  $20.00  SOLD

De Salvo, Louise & Mitchell A Leaska. The Letters of Vita Sackville-West to Virginia Woolf.  New York: Morrow, 1985. Near fine in dust jacket. (Item ID:  4085) $22.50. SOLD dealer 2/18

DeSalvo, Louise, & Mitchell A. Leaska.  The Letters of Vita Sackville-West to Virginia Woolf.   San Francisco, CA: Cleis, 1985.  Soft cover.  (Item ID:  4086)  $20.00  SOLD

Dunn, Jane.  A Very Close Conspiracy:  Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf.  Boston:  Little Brown, 1990.  Near fine in near fine dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4069; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00

Forster, E. M.  Virginia Woolf.  New York:  Harcourt, 1942.  Near fine in near fine Mylar-protected dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4098)  $50.00  SOLD dealer NYC 4 14 23 

Forster, E.M.  Virginia Woolf.  London: Cambridge, 1943.  Very good in wraps.  Front cover 1 inch separation top and bottom of spine joint, small sticker residue to rear cover.  (ID:  713; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00 

Fry, Roger.  A Sampler of Castile (Hogarth Press).  See Fry, Roger, above.

Funke, Sarah.  Virginia and Leonard Woolf.  Catalogue of First Editions for Sale.  New York:  Horowitz, 2002.  New in Mylar.  Letter from the author and a price list laid in.  (Item ID:  4054; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00

Funke, Sarah.  This Perpetual Flight:  Love and Loss in Virginia Woolf's Intimate Circle.  New York:  Grolier 2008 Exhibit Catalogue.  New.  (Item ID:  4055; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $170.00

Gillespie, Diane Filby.  The Sisters' Arts:  The Writing and Painting of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell.  Syracuse, NY:  Syracuse University Press, 1988. Fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4100)  $30.00   

Gordon, Lyndall.  Virginia Woolf:  A Writer's Life.  New York:  Norton, 1984.  1st edition.  As new hard cover in as new Mylar-protected dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  9080; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00

[Grant, Duncan]  Fry, Roger.  Living Painters:  Duncan Grant.  London: Hogarth, 1930.  New Edition. (Woolmer 31)  1/610 copies.  Stiff paper wrappers.  24 b/w illustrations.  Very good.  Chip to spine. cover darkened.  Front hinge ends professionally mended.  Scarce.  (ID: 10K60; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $150.00  NEW

Greene, Sally, Editor.  Virginia Woolf:  Reading the Renaissance.  Athens:  Ohio University Press, 1999.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4116; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $15.00 

Guiguet, Jean.  Virginia Woolf and Her Works.  New York:  Harcourt, 1965.  Very good plus hard cover with toned pages.  Dust wrapper is edge worn.  (Item ID:  4118; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $25.00 

Holroyd, Michael.  Lytton Strachey:  Two Volume Set.  Unknown Years, 1880-1910.  Years of Achievement, 1910-1932.  New York:  Holt, 1968.  Near fine hard covers in near fine dust wrappers.  (Item ID:  4125; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00 

Hussey, Mark.  Virginia Woolf:  A to Z.  A Comprehensive Reference.  New York:  Facts on File, 1995.  (Item ID:  4071; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $55.00

James, Anne Scott.  Sissinghurst: The Making of a Garden. London: Michael Joseph 1975.  Second Impression.  As new in Mylar dust jacket.  (Item ID:  4082; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $30.00 

Kellett, E. E.  The Whirligig of Taste.  London:  Hogarth, 1929.  Hogarth Lectures No. 8.  One of 2,250.  (Woolmer 197)  Very good copy without dust wrapper.  Spine worn.  (ID: 8592; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00   

King, James.  Virginia Woolf.  New York:  Norton, 1994.  Near fine in near fine dust wrapper.  (Item ID: 4101; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $22.50 

Kirkpatrick, B. J., and Stuart N. Clarke.  A Bibliography of Virginia Woolf.  Oxford:  Clarendon Press, 1997. Fourth Edition.  As new, in Mylar.  (Item ID:  4051/10K230)  $150.00 SOLD Alibris 8 2 18

Kirkpatrick, B.J. A Bibliography of Virginia Woolf.  Second Edition.  (ID: 10K324) $25.00 SOLD Alibris 8 28 18

Lane, Richard J.  Mrs. Dalloway:  Literary Masterpieces, Volume 11.  Gale Study Guides in Great Literature. Farmington Hills, MI:  Gale Group, 2001.  As new hard cover; no dust wrapper, as issued.  (Item ID: 9075; http://www.rmgerbebooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00

Leaska, Mitchell.  Virginia Woolf's Lighthouse:  A Study in Critical Method.  New York:  Columbia University Press, 1970.  Signature to ffep, otherwise near fine.  Dust jacket is worn with edge chips.  (Item ID:  4117; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00 

Leaska, Mitchell A. & John Phillips. Violet to Vita: The Letters of Violet Trefusis to Vita Sackville-West 1910-1920. NY: Viking 1990. As new in dust jacket. (Item ID:  4087; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00

Lee, Hermione.  The Novels of Virginia Woolf.  (ID: 421) $30.00 SOLD Amazon 4 24 18

Lee, Hermione.   Virginia Woolf.  New York:  Knopf, 1997.  Near fine hard cover in near fine dust wrapper. (Item ID: 4105) $25.00  SOLD Alibris 2 19 21

Lehmann, John.  Virginia Woolf and Her World.  London:  THames & Hudson, 1975.  Near fine hard cover in near fine dust wrapper. (Item ID:  4104; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00 

Marder, Herbert.  The Measure of a Life:  Virginia Woolf's Last Years.  Ithaca, NY:  Cornell University Press, 2000.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper.  Publisher's letterhead and flyer laid in.  (Item ID;; 4103)  $20.00  SOLD Alibris 10 1 17

Marler, Regina.  Bloomsbury Pie: The Making of the Bloomsbury Boom.  NY: Holt, 1997  New in dust Jacket (Item ID: 4072; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $12.00 

Marsh, Jan.  Bloomsbury Women: Distant Figures in Life and Art.  NY: Holt, 1996.  Fine in dust jacket.  (Item ID:  4078; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $20.00

Menai, Huw.  The Passing of Guto and Other Poems.  Hogarth Living Poets No. 6, First Series.  London:  Hogarth Press, 1929.  One of 500 copies.  Blue-grey printed boards with Vanessa Bell design.  Near fine, slight spine sunning, page and edge foxing, offsetting to ffep and frep. Issued without dust wrapper.  Mylar protected.  (ID:  8697)  $100.00  SOLD 9 23 16

Modern Fiction Studies.  Virginia Woolf Number.  Volume 18, Number 3.  Margaret Church and William T. Stafford, Editors. Lafayette, IN:  Purdue University Press, Autumn 1972.  As new.  (Item ID:  9030; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00

Morris, Jan.  Travels with Virginia Woolf.  London:  Hogarth, 1993.  Fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper. (Item ID: 4109)   $20.00  SOLD AMAZON 1 19 21

*Mortimer, Raymond.  A Letter on the French Pictures.  Hogarth Letters No. 4.  London, Hogarth Press, 1932.  One of 1,000.  (Woolmer 219).  Signed and inscribed by Mortimer.  String-tied card stock covers with Banting illustration.  A bit soiled.  Very good to near fine.  (ID:  8692; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $75.00  

Nicholson, Nigel. Portrait of a Marriage: V. Sackville-West & Harold Nicholson.  NY: Atheneum 1973 Book Club Edition. Very good in similar dust jacket.   (Item ID:  4084; http:/www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00  

Nicholson, Nigel.  Virginia Woolf.  London:  Wiedenfeld and Nicholson, 2000.  Fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper.  (Item ID;  4107; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00 

Nicholson, Nigel.  Virginia Woolf.  New York:  Viking Penguin, 2000.  Fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper. (Item ID  4108; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00 

Partridge, Frances.  A Bloomsbury Album: Friends in Focus.  Boston: Little Brown 1987.  Near Fine in dust jacket.  (Item ID: 4079; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00 

Perry, Meisel & Walter Kendrick.  Bloomsbury/Freud: The Letters of James & Alix Strachey 1924-25.  New York: Basic 1985.  Fine in dust Jacket.  (Item ID:  4077; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $15.00

Pippett, Aileen. The Moth and the Star:  A Biography of Virginia Woolf.  Bostom:  Little Brown, 1955. Reprint. Near fine in Mylar-protected dust jacket with spine fade and small chip.  (Item ID:  4110; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $20.00 

Poole, Roger.  The Unknown Virginia Woolf.  New York:  Columbia University Press, 1978.  Fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper.  Publisher's review slip laid in.  (Item ID:  4110; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00

Reid, Panthea.  Art and Affection:  A Life of Virginia Woolf.  New York:  Oxford, 1996.  Fine hard cover in near fine dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4111; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00 

Richardson, Elizabeth. A Bloomsbury Iconography.  Winchester, Hampshire UK: St. Paul’s 1989.  Fine in dust jacket.  (Item ID: 4081; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $40.00

Rose, Phyllis.  Woman of Letters:  A Life of Virginia Woolf.  New York:  Oxford University Press, 1978.  Fine hard cover in dust wrapper with fade to spine, but otherwise near fine.  (Item ID:  4112; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00

Rosenbaum, S. P.  Virginia Woolf:  Women & Fiction.  The Manuscript Version of A Roo of One's Own. Oxford, UK:  Blackwell, 1992. Fine in fine dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4102; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $27.50

Sackville-West, Vita.  See Vita Sackville-West, above.

Shone, Richard.  The Art of Bloomsbury.  Roger Fry, Vanessa Bell, and Duncan Grant.  (ID: 1218-135)$45.00 SOLD Alibris 6 12 21

Spilka, Mark.  Virginia Woolf’s Quarrel with GrievingLincoln, NE:  University of Nebraska Press, 1980.  Fine hard cover.  Dust wrapper front cover is slightly rubbed, but otherwise near fine.  (ID:  3130; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00 

Stape, J. H.  Virginia Woolf:  Interviews and Recollections.  Iowa City:  Iowa University Press, 1995.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4115; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $35.00 

Stevens, Michael. V. Sackville-West: A Critical Biography.  London: Michael Joseph 1973..Second Impression.  Near fine in similar dust jacket.  (Item ID:  4074; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $30.00 

Stevens, Michael.  V. Sackville-West:  A Critical Biography.  NY: Scribner 1974. Near fine in dust jacket. (Item ID:  4075; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)   $20.00 

Strong, L. A. G.  A Letter to W. B. Yeats.  Hogarth Letters No. 6  London:  Hogarth Press, 1932.  One of 1,500.  (Woolmer 310)  Banting illustration on string-tied card stock covers.  Trace of soil to front cove r top.  Very good plus.  (ID: 8693; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $45.00 

Trombley, Stephen.   'All That Summer She Was Mad:'  Virginia Woolf and Her Doctors.  London:  Junction, 1981.  (Item ID:  4114; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00

Turnbaugh, Douglas Blair. Duncan Grant and the Bloomsbury Group.  Secaucus, NJ:  Lyle Stuart, 1987. New fine in near fine dust wrapper.  Signed by the author.  (Item ID:  4070)  $35.00  SOLD Alibris 8 31 20

Willis, J. H., Jr.  Leonard and Virginia Woolf as Publishers:  the Hogarth Press 1917-1941.  Charlottesville:  University Press of Virginia, 1992.  New.  (Item ID: 4053; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $45.00

Wilson, Jean Moorecroft.  Virginia Woolf:  Life & London, A Biography of Place.  New York:  Norton, 1985.  Fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4113; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00

Woolf, Virginia, and Woolf, Leonard, Editors.  Hogarth Essays.  New York:  Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1928. (Kirkpatrick Note A7).  Near fine volume without dust wrapper.  Small stain to front cover, bookplate to front pastedown.  Spine label tanned.  (ID:  8698; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $80.00 

Woolf, Leonard, Editor.  Collected Essays:  Volumes 1-4.  New York:  Harcourt, 1967.  Near fine in near fine dust wrapper with small chip to Volume 1 jacket spine.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  4065)  $175.00 SOLD Alibris 12 30 19

Woolf, Leonard.  Sowing:  An Autobiography of the Years 1880-1904.  London:  Hogarth, 1962.  Near fine hard cover.  Dust wrapper is slightly soiled and price clipped.  (Item ID:  4121; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00 

Woolf, Leonard.  Growing:  An Autobiography of the Years 1904-1911.  New York:  Harcourt, 1967.  Near fine hard cover in near fine dust wrapper.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  4122; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00 

Woolf, Leonard.  Downhill All the Way:  An Autobiography of the Years 1919-1939.  New York:  Harcourt, 1969.  Fine hard cover in near fine Mylar-covered dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  4123; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00

Woolf, Leonard.  The Wise Virgins: A Novel.  New York:  Harcourt, 1979.  Very good plus hard cover in dust wrapper with sunned spine, otherwise very good.  (Item ID:  4124; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00 

Woolmer, J. Howard.  A Checklist of the Hogarth Press, 1917-1946.  Revere, PA:  Woolmer, 1986.  Second Edition. New, signed.  (Item ID:  4052; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $75.00